My Favorite Breakfast

I decided that I would start this blog off right by posting my favorite breakfast, french toast. FRENCH TOAST……..bread dipped in egg and spices, fried to perfection. What could be better? The real question is, what is better than bread? Anyway, back to the recipe….

First of all, I should tell you what we need to make this heavenly creation: one egg, beaten. 1/2 tsp, of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 tbsp. butter (for frying), 1 slice of whole wheat bread (cut into four pieces).

Add the cinnamon into the bowl with the beaten egg, whisk until combined. Thoroughly coat each bread fourth in the egg mixture, allowing the excess egg to drip back into the bowl. Meanwhile, you should have a small skillet or frying pan heated up and waiting, drop in your tablespoon of butter and wait for it to melt. Once it has melted, throw the french toast into the pan or skillet and fry until golden brown on both sides. As soon as the toast is done sprinkle the brown sugar evenly over the toast, restrain yourself from scarfing it down until the brown sugar is sort of melty, and delicious…. It’s a simple as that! Now sit down and enjoy all your hard work.:)

UPDATE: I finally have a picture for my first ever post.:)




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